• All four award-winning UCS bands took to the field Sunday night to sponsor the annual BandARama competition. 

    BandARama showcases the district’s talented high school musicians in field performances.

    Ticket proceeds benefit the Louis Gonda Memorial Music Scholarship to fund opportunities for UCS band students to further their music education.  Over the years, the Gonda Fund has enabled hundreds of students to attend music camps, take private lessons or otherwise enrich their music study.

    All four high school bands will perform their half-time shows.

        Chieftain Marching Band – Guitar Heroes

        Eagle Marching Band – The Time is Now

        Titan Marching Band – Nightmare in the Shadows

        Falcon Marching Band – Música Caliente 

    They will begin the night with a combined performance of the Star Spangled Banner.                                                                                                                                   

    UCS bands are under the direction of Brett Bayes, of Utica High School; Brad Arnold, of Eisenhower High School; Matthew Schoenherr, of Henry Ford II High School; and Michael Sekich, of Stevenson High School.