SHS Sophomores
  • Throughout the year...

    • Focus on your classes! It is important that you put effort into your academics early.
    • Develop good habits that contribute toward your academic goals and overall success.
    • Join a club, activity, or sport!
    • Be aware of your emotions and mental health and seek help or support when you need it!
    • Visit your counselor! Message your counselor on Teams to set up an appointment. 

    • Attend the UCS College Fair! Date is TBD
    • Meet with your counselor to check-in on your academic progress.
    • Create an Educational Development Plan (EDP) on Xello.
        • Counselors will work with students to update their EDP through Xello.
        • Xello provides matchmaker quizzes that can help students identify a potential career field.

    • Choose your junior year classes!
      • Counselors will work with students in February/March to choose senior classes.
      • Students should appropriately challenge themselves given their goals.
      • Refer to EDP via Xello to look at educational goals for fields you are interested in.

    • Maintain your good habits in your courses and finish the year strong!!
      • If you have struggled this year, don’t worry! Upward trends in grades are an excellent sign of growth. You can do it!

    • Schedule virtual college visits or take a tour of a local college to familiarize yourself with the “feel” of the school.
    • Take summer classes to make up a failed class or to meet a graduation requirement.
    • Participate in a sport, hobby, club, or activity that you enjoy!



    • Taking the SAT or PSAT
      • You will take these exams during your junior year. You have plenty of time to learn the material that will be assessed on those exams!
      • If you want to prepare for the SAT, utilize Khan Academy.
      • Sophomore year is a good time to focus on learning. You can shift to test prep later. 


    Recommended Standardized Tests for Sophomores


    PSAT 10 - Taken in April of Sophomore year

    • The PSAT 10 is a practice SAT that is NOT reportable to colleges. It is intended to help you become familiarized with the SAT format.
    • Scores will be available in early summer. Scores have NO impact on your grade, rank, or future college applications.


    AP Tests

    • Students will register for the AP tests in Fall. Students are provided a code from their AP teacher to register for the exams through CollegeBoard. For more information about AP tests, visit the Advanced Placement page on the Counseling website.