• What you will learn:

    A mechanical drafting program for high school students is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge necessary to create technical drawings for a variety of projects. Students will learn to use industry-standard tools such as set squares, T-squares, and protractors, as well as drafting and designing with Solidworks® and Autodesk®. They will also learn about orthographic views, isometric drawings, geometric dimensioning, and their real-world applications. Students will hone their skills by designing and then producing three-dimensional models for projects they design. Developing portfolios and presentation skills are important elements of the program, too.

    Salary range school availability

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  • Academic Credit:

    • VPAA - Visual, Performing & Applied Arts Requirement

    • OLE - Online Learning Experience Requirement

    • SMR - Senior Math Related

    Ability to earn Industry Credentials based on student performance:

    • Certified SolidWorks Associate

    Articulation with Colleges and Universities:


Typical Course Progression:

  • Listed below are potential careers at different experience/educational levels. Students and parents are encouraged to use their Xello account to find out more about careers in this pathway.  The career is also linked to O*NET Online, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, employment and training administration.