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Stevenson musicians strike a chord at MSBOA festival

Stevenson Music Students

Congratulations to the following Stevenson students who competed this past weekend at Chippewa Valley H.S. at MSBOA State Solo and Ensemble.  This is the highest level a musician can participate in the State of Michigan. 

The students are under the direction of Stevenson teacher Michael Sekich and staff coaches Nathan Belloli and Rob Meier. 


  • Nolan Dutts, Snare-1st Division
  • Dillon Warner, Alto Sax-1st Division
  • Olivia Dickereson, Flute-1st Division
  • Isaac Mahomes, Percussion-1st Division
  • Akaash Mondal, Tenor Sax- 2nd Division
  • Jalen Toyee, Tuba 1st Division
  • Ty Senopole, Alto Sax-1st Division
  • Brenna Jackson, Euphonium-1st Division
  • Braden Cook, Snare-1st Division
  • Meredith Tipton, Snare-1st Division



SHS Percussion Ensemble 1st Division

  • Tayare Cook
  • Isaac Mahomes
  • Oliver Osborne
  • Sam Kleehammer
  • Nolan Dutts
  • Kailey Fick
  • Meredith Tipton
  • Brianna Bittner
  • Isabella Nihem
  • R.J. Northup
  • Lukas Hubbard
  • Braden Cook
  • Kenneth Hayes

SHS Brass Ensemble-1st Division

  • Lina Almaflahi
  • Chloe Zaharof
  • Brenna Jackson
  • Zack Stark
  • Tiffany Canup
  • Chlouie Canup
  • Jalen Toyee
  • Stevie Canup
  • Deema Hassan
  • Aiden Rainko
  • Stephanie Costa