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Book café invites students to ‘taste’ different genres of books

The barista at DeKeyser Elementary School’s book café was serving more than just hot chocolate. Students from across the school were invited to ‘taste’ different genres of books throughout the café (part of the media center that was dressed up as a coffee shop).

“My favorite thing about this is definitely finding a book that you like, because personally I love reading so I find doing this just really fun,” 4th grader Lena Sharp said.

To add to the excitement of the café, complete with hot chocolate and marshmallows, a $750 grant from the Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union helped DeKeyser literacy coach, Julie Busch, ‘buy’ their favorite book after the ‘tasting.’

Complete with a faux fireplace, the book café was meant to be a place where the students could get out of the classroom and do something unique and fun.

“I wanted something relaxing and fun for the kids to do while they chose from the different genres of books,” Busch said. “I wanted to help them establish their love for reading.”

For Sharp, she enthusiastically shared that Busch’s mission was accomplished.

“(The book café) makes me feel like I’m in a zone that I love being in, to do as much reading as I want. I really love it.”