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Business partners and Stevenson MADE juniors benefit from program’s first professionalism workshop

What began with angst and nerves ended with confidence and positive insight for Stevenson Manufacturing, Automation and Design Engineering (MADE) juniors who participated in the program’s first professionalism workshop.

“This event is important because it takes the nerves out of these things,” Stevenson MADE Academy Coach, Mark LaCombe, said.

Stevenson MADE invited professionals from three local business partners, AGS Automotive, GableTek and General Motors, to conduct mock interviews and help with resume building for the students.

“It’s been great,” said MADE junior and automation major, Evan Stocker. “I think this is important because it helps give you a scope, or a vision, like ‘if I do this, then I can get into their position at some point.’”

“It’s interesting to see how differently the students respond to business people, they don’t get dressed up and prepped, or nervous for school,” LaCombe said.

“This has been a real experience for them.”

“I’ve been doing these types of career fairs for over 10 years now and have seen all aspects of it,” said Jeff Gramzow, Design Group Manager and Lead Talent Scout with General Motors.  “To get the opportunity to educate these kids on some of the aspects we’ve learned while doing it is huge and hopefully, they can utilize this experience going forward.”

Gramzow explained that the partnerships on display in this professionalism workshop benefit both the students and the businesses because these businesses want to hire Stevenson MADE students in the future.

“The things that the teachers are presenting to the students are the same things we are doing in the industry, so to see that correlation between the two is awesome,” Gramzow said.