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Winter break work adds up for DeKeyser 6th grader; named National Winter MATH-a-thon student

DeKeyser Elementary School 6th grader, Alexander DeMuynck, loves math. So, when Imagine Math encouraged students across the country to pass over five math lessons during winter break, DeMuynck took the challenge and ran with it.

Completing 95 lessons so far this school year, DeMuynck was acknowledged by Imagine Math as a National Winter MATH-a-thon winner and was awarded with Beats Studio Buds and a commemorative certificate.

“It makes me feel very happy to be recognized,” DeMuynck said.

Fueled by his love of learning, DeMuynck has completed the 6th and 7th grade Imagine Math work and now has access to 8th grade supplemental work through the program focused on personalizing learning and engaging students in a meaningful exploration of mathematical understanding.

“My favorite part (of the program) are the lessons and when you finish them you get ‘think points’ which you can either use to make a character or use them to give money to a charity,” said DeMuynck.


Through DeMuynck’s ‘think points’ he has created a self-titled character and has donated to three charities – PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and

“Alex is amazing,” said Darlene Vachon, 6th grade teacher at DeKeyser Elementary. “He is big on his community, his peers and learning. He just brings light to anywhere he goes.”

“We need to keep our eye on him because he is going to do something incredible. I don’t know what it will be, but I’m sure it will be linked to this community.”