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UCS seniors, business honored honored for CTE excellence

CTE StudentsTwo Utica Community Schools seniors and a business partner were recently honored for their commitment to Career and Technical Education programs.

Kristina Kopp, of Stevenson High School, and David Sanchez, of Utica High School, were honored as outstanding CTE Students of the Year by the Macomb Career Technical Education Administrators Association.  

The association also honored MFC Netform, of Shelby Township, as an outstanding business partner for its support of the Stevenson MADE Academy.

Kristina Kopp
Stevenson High School

Kristina Kopp is a senior fabrication student in the Stevenson MADE Academy. Over the past year, she has developed an incredible passion for TIG welding, working toward an expertise in 312 stainless steel and aluminum. As a student in our programs, aside from her regular requirements, she is currently working with a company mentor from UHI Group. She is currently getting job specific training at our facility from a UHI Group employee as part of an in-school apprenticeship program. Her future plans include competing in the Ferris State Welding Competition and joining our school to work program as a TIG welder, with the intention to be hired by UHI Group after graduation in the fall. Kristina has also been a part of our Auto shop Program for the past two years as well as taking an AP Capstone course. When not in school, she is working as a Banquet Server at Ike’s Restaurant.


David Sanchez
Utica High School

David Sanchez is currently a senior at Utica High School in Shelby Township. Michigan and has worked very hard to accomplish his academic and career goals. David has been enrolled in the Medical Science program at Utica High School for the last three years and has been very dedicated to pursuing his goal of attending medical school. While a student at Utica High School, David has consistently enrolled in many AP courses and volunteers regularly due to his involvement in student organizations such as HOSA: Future Health Professionals, National Honor Society and National Hispanic Honor Society. Davis is also currently employed at Beaumont Hospital Troy through the School-To-Work Program as a Technical Aide in the Emergency Center where he helps provide consistent medical assistance to his community. Even with all of these obligations, David maintains a high GPS while gaining valued real-world experience. He is planning to attend Oakland University to major in Biology in preparation for medical school to achieve his goal of becoming a physician.


Business/Industry Partner
MFC Netform

MFC Netform has been an incredible business partner for us at the Stevenson MADE Academy. Since 2018, they have been an integral part of the development of our program opening their doors to students and staff. They have hosted teacher training sessions, student field visits multiple times a year and have provided and led multiple student projects. On visits, our students have full access to their facility, allowing student to interact with their production calls and create hands on experience for our students. In 2021 they mentored a senior capstone project in which students worked exclusively with their management team to design and built carts to mobilize their shipping bins. The students presented their designs, accepted feedback and submitted final plans including a bill of materials. Our fabrication students then custom build their designs and the company is now using their carts on the floor of their facility. They serve as members of our advisory board and will continue to be strong business partners for Stevenson MADE.

The students and representatives from Netform were honored at a breakfast February 10.