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UCS Holds Elementary Math Tournament for ATG Students

UCS held the Academically Talented and Gifted (ATG) 24 Math Tournament last Thursday at Oakbrook Elementary.

Representing 20 of UCS’ elementary schools, about 80 ATG students attended the tournament.

Helping to proctor the game were Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) students and ATG coaches.

The tournament is organized around the 24 Game where students use all four numbers on a given card, along with any of the four math operations, to create an expression equal to 24. Points are awarded for each card the student gets correct. According to game developers, the 24 Game helps children sharpen basic math skills such as computation, problem solving, number sense, critical thinking and patterning.

Oakbrook Elementary Principal, Dr. Linda Schneider-Rediske said it was a great, supportive event.

“I can tell you that it was really the best event we have had in some time,” Dr. Schneider-Rediske said. “At the end of the tournament, I had many parents expressing their gratitude of having such an event and shared their sincere appreciation for UCS and the fact that their children had the opportunity to participate.”

ATG 24 Challenge Math Tournament Winners:

Fourth Grade

First Place – Novyanna Toma – Schuchard
Second Place (tie) – Jesse Salera – West Utica
Second Place (tie) – Alice Messner – Burr

Fifth Grade

First Place – Dalton Chirco – DeKeyser
Second Place – Thomas Jackson – Collins
Third Place – Natalie Wells – Beck
Fourth Place – Jordan Robincheck – DeKeyser

Sixth Grade

First Place – Ereny Buni – Monfort
Second Place – Aiden Elliott – Crissman
Third Place – Anna Whiting – Monfort