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UCS student achieves perfect M-STEP Math score for third time

Despite math coming easy to Bemis Junior High School 8th grader Isabella Bronzovich, it was challenging to add up how she could get a perfect Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) Math score for the third consecutive time.

“It’s crazy, I don’t know how I do it, honestly,” Bronzovich said.

The M-STEP is an assessment to gauge how well students are mastering state standards in Math, English, Science and Social Studies.

“It’s really hard,” Bemis Junior High School math teacher, Michael Galli, said. “There are a lot of questions that the students really have to think and work hard at.”

Bronzovich has achieved a perfect M-STEP Math score each time she has taken the test – in 3rd, 6th and 7th grades. When she found out about her perfect score from her mom, she felt surprised and proud of herself.  

“The girl is a rockstar, she’s awesome,” Galli said. “She works hard and doesn’t give up.”

Bronzovich is now enrolled in accelerated geometry, a 10th grade course, and explained she has always enjoyed math even since she was three years old.

When asked what her favorite thing about Math was, Bronzovich explained, “it makes sense and you can figure it out with logic.”

As a former math teacher of her, Galli hopes to have been a part of Bronzovich’s success yet recognizes it all comes down to her.

“She’s a good kid with a great head on her shoulders that will go far,” said Galli.

Bronzovich’s advice to students looking to emulate her M-STEP success: try your best, take your time and pay attention during class.