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Eisenhower High School Launches Leadership Course

Eisenhower High School teacher and student council advisor Amber Bronson has been a pillar to the Eagle’s traditions and celebrations for 23 years. Bronson has worked with students to plan elaborate events over her tenure that include prom, homecoming, pep assemblies, drive-in movies, fairs and more.

An extracurricular group at Eisenhower, student council has proven to be extremely beneficial for students’ leadership skills, but the after-school requirement failed to accommodate all students’ schedules. To help teach students the life-skills gained through student council involvement, Eisenhower High School is piloting a Leadership I course for juniors and seniors this school year.

“We found in past years it’s really hard for only council students to work on school projects,” said Delani Bruno, Eisenhower High School senior, student council member and Leadership I student. “This class is a way for us to get everything done in a timely manner and work on building our leadership skills.”

Bronson’s idea for the course content was sparked by her husband’s work in software training and development and the skills that are required of him, and the rest of his team.

“Being smart alone is not what gets you hired in this new market– you need to be personable, communicate well and handle yourself in a professional manner while working as a part of a team,” Bronson said. “Lots of my kids are smart enough to put rockets on the moon, but if they can’t lead a team, motivate them, and delegate what duties need to be completed then the rocket doesn’t get to the moon no matter how smart you are.”

Bronson hopes for the pilot Leadership I course to clear and launch a Leadership II course for the 2024-25 school year, with both courses being application-based.

Bruno explained it is important to offer the course because it provides students with an in-school opportunity to develop their leadership skills. “I would recommend the class because you’re building yourself up, making yourself a better person and getting ready for the real world.”