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Patriot Pride Awards Return at Jeannette

On October 31st, Jeannette Junior High recognized 46 students and 17 teachers as recipients of the Patriot Pride award. Staff and teachers nominate students and their colleagues as recipients for showing positive behavior and exemplifying Jeannette’s focus on community. If a student is helping others with work in class, going out of their way to show others kindness, or going above and beyond for the good of Jeannette’s culture receive awards. 

The Patriot Pride cart visits the classrooms of each student who is receiving an award. The cart is decorated with Jeannette colors, and the staff plays upbeat music and blows bubbles while walking into the room. Mrs. Grillo and Mr. Kupke read to the class why that student has been nominated so that others can learn about good behavior and citizenship. Then, students pick treats or prizes from the cart.  

Mrs. Nicole West is one of the two teachers who developed the Patriot Pride awards. She and Mrs. Kelsey Christy thought it would be a fun way to honor students who make positive choices for themselves and others in our community.

Mrs. West shared, “we want to show them how appreciative we are for their leadership.” 

9th grader Zyllah Andrew was nominated for a Patriot Pride award by Assistant Principal Mr. Greg Kupke for helping a friend during a difficult time.

Andrew said that receiving the award encourages her to keep doing better. She said, “other people saw me get the award, and it encourages them to want to do better, also.”

7th grader Anthony Kasha also received an award from his Exploratory Languages teacher, Mrs. Kim, for doing great work and helping others in class when they need help.

“I didn’t expect to get the award," Kasha said. "It felt good because I knew that I had accomplished something."

“We make a really big deal about our Patriot Pride awards. It’s a great way to recognize student choices that positively contribute to the culture that we have built here. Jeannette is a school that values community, integrity, and leadership, and the Patriot Pride awards celebrate all of these values,” said Principal Beth Grillo.