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Student-led career fair provides glimpse into over 50 career paths

Henry Ford II High School senior Skylar Mack and junior Valerie Vinson worked for over a month to bring together people and companies to have a booth at the school’s second annual student-led career fair.

“We’re excited to have about 80 people and 50 companies here,” Mack said.

As part of their career development project through DECA, Mack and Vinson coordinated the career fair with the goal of expanding students knowledge about different careers, and getting to DECA internationals.

“This gives students the space to learn about more careers and see if what you want to go into is for you or not,” Mack explained.

The involved businesses loved being at the career fair and helping students get excited about their futures, shared Jennifer Milke, Ford II DECA advisor and marketing teacher.

“It’s important because students don’t realize all the careers that are out there for them,” Milke said. “Sometimes they wait until they’re out of high school to figure it out, but it’s never too early to look at careers.”

Zachary Waldorf, an engineering designer with General Motors and Ford II Class of 2017, joined the career fair for his second year and hoped to instill a spark in students to give them an idea of their future career.

“I wish we did this,” complimented Waldorf. “It’s always enjoyable to see the kids and what’s coming for the future.”