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Elementary students benefit from National Honor Society membership

When asked what legacy Browning Elementary 6th grader Olivia Boyer hoped she would leave as a member of the National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS), she replied with confidence:

“That everyone remembers me as being kind and helpful and being a really good leader.”

NEHS is much newer than its high school equivalent organization National Honor Society (NHS), beginning in 2008 and 1921 respectively, however Browning NEHS co-chair and 3rd grade teacher, Alessandra Klein, explained it’s important for elementary students to have volunteer, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

“In my opinion, giving them the opportunity at a young age to give back will shape them even more than it would later on in life,” said Klein.

Being involved with NEHS for over 10 years, Browning 4th grade teacher Sara Tocco is taking on a mentor role this year and will be advising NEHS co-chairs Jamie Harrison and Alessandra Klein.

“We really wanted to empower leaders, find ways we could foster their leadership skills and highlight how they can help our community,” said Tocco.

Co-chair Harrison added, “our goal is for them to continue to be role models for the other students around them.”

One way Browning NEHS leaves a lasting impact on its community is by annually sponsoring at least three $500 scholarships for graduating seniors that are Browning alumni.  

“It feels really nice to give to Browning alumni,” Boyer shared. “I think I could be one of those people eventually getting the scholarship.”

National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) is for students in grades 4-6 to develop and apply their passion for service while obtaining the skills to be confident young leaders for years to come, according the NEHS website.