• We are taking a large step forward in our strategic planning process.

    As part of the implementation for our AccelerateUCS planning process, Utica Community Schools is seeking community feedback on a possible long-term facility improvement project.

    Earlier this week, we held ten focus groups to discuss concepts related to a potential bond issue. These groups included: long term residents, secondary students, elected officials, secondary teachers, pre-school/elementary teachers, secondary parents, support staff, Booster Group/PTO/PTAs, business representatives, and pre-school/elementary parents.

    We are also inviting our entire community – residents, parents and staff – to weigh in on these concepts. Please take a few moments to share your feedback in our community survey, available at this link.

    I encourage you to watch the video provided with the survey for additional information on our facility proposal. This video provides a brief overview of the two potential proposals UCS is considering.

    In response to questions brought from our focus panels, I want to add a few other details:

    • In addition to a potential bond issue, the district is also preparing to ask voters to consider a non-homestead millage. This levy only applies to businesses, second homes, and rental properties. It does not apply to primary residences – the home in which residents live.
    • A non-homestead millage is levied in all Michigan communities. State law requires districts to ask voters to consider authorizing the millage on a regular basis to continue receiving its full state aid. UCS voters approved the non-homestead millage in 1994, 2004, and 2014.
    • The concepts discussed are part of a larger facility improvement program focused on safety and academic success. This is a first step in a long-range program to ensure our facilities are meeting the needs of our community.
    • We are asking for input on facility improvement concepts at this time. Additional information related to the concepts will be provided based on the feedback we receive from the community through the survey linked below.

    A safe and positive learning environment is essential for us to continue and enhance Utica Community Schools tradition of educational excellence. Please take the time to add your voice in this important process by completing this survey.


    Robert Monroe
    Superintendent of Schools