• For the past year and a half, Utica Community Schools has been collaborating with our community, students and staff to work through our strategic planning process. As a result of this work, UCS is pursuing a bond proposal on the May 2, 2023 ballot. This No Tax-Rate Increase Bond Proposal will help UCS instill excellence in every part of our school district by focusing on two key areas: 

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    Examples of projects include:

    • Create additional layers of security to limit access to exterior entry points at main entrance and corridors, such as shatter-resistant glass

    • Upgrade security systems (cameras and access control)

    • Improve parking lots through redesigns and/or re-paving

    • Install playground equipment and replace playground surfacing at all elementary schools

    • Continue implementation of district’s long-range facility improvement program, including roofs, HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing

    • Replace UCS buses

    • Renovate restrooms

    • Make significant renovations and building replacements, additions or new construction at elementary level

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    Examples of projects include:

    • Purchase instructional technology to support 1:1 learning

    • Renovate art and science rooms at high schools

    • Expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) academies for all four comprehensive high schools

    • Create comparable media centers in junior high schools throughout UCS through renovation

    • Improve athletic fields for all high schools and make fan-friendly stadium renovations

    • Upgrade auditoriums

    • Create early childhood centers at the north and south ends of UCS

Renderings of Facility Improvements - 2023 Bond Proposal

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