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    UCS Bond Update 

    Questions and Answers
    February, 2024

    What are the phases of the bond issue?

    The five phases of the bond issue ensure the district’s maintains the district’s commitment to voters. The five phases ensure the completion of scheduled projects in a fiscally responsible manner that does not increase the current debt rate. The five phases are:

    • May, 2024 - $130 million (Current Phase)
    • May, 2027 - $105 million
    • May, 2030 - $105 million
    • May, 2033 - $105 million
    • May, 2036 - $105 million

    How are projects in the first phase being identified?

    Safety is the priority. During this first phase, projects related to improving safety at school facilities will be continued or initiated districtwide. In addition, given the wide support of the bond issue, the first phase will also include visible projects that were important to school communities.

    What safety improvements are being planned across the district?

    The first phase will feature projects across the district that improve the safety of our schools, including door replacements with metal door frames as needed, upgrades to shatter-resistant glass, heavy duty locksets, corridor entryway enhancements, and the continued implementation of our nightlock system.

    How will the first phase of the bond issue address “Open Concept” Buildings?

    Open Concept” schools are existing elementary schools that do not have a complete set of walls or doors for classroom areas. The schools were opened approximately 50 years ago with a design concept that promoted collaboration among all students. These designs do not reflect current acceptable building standards for a safe learning environment. These elementary schools have an urgent need for improvements to provide all classrooms with walls and doors. These projects are scheduled for completion this summer, 2024

    Why is DeKeyser scheduled for reconstruction and how will it impact the school?

    DeKeyser Elementary has the greatest needs of all school facilities related to classroom walls and doors. In essence, the work at DeKeyser will require a complete reconstruction of the facility. While the work is being completed, DeKeyser Elementary will be relocated to Rose Kidd Elementary, a former elementary in Sterling Heights that was closed in 2010. Improvements are now being made that will allow Rose Kidd to house DeKeyser students and staff until their current building is completed in the Fall of 2025.

    How does the reconstruction of DeKeyser align with the district’s long-range vision for facility improvements?

    The current bond issue sets into motion a long-range strategic vision for our school facilities. This vision will create safe learning environments that integrates best design practices and give our staff flexible space and tools to empower our students.

    Given the extensive nature of the work at DeKeyser, the school will be reconstructed using this new design. Eventually – through the current and future bond issues – UCS will introduce new designs all of its elementary and secondary schools.

    What other projects are being scheduled for this first phase?

    As noted earlier, the first phase will feature projects across the district that improve the safety of our schools, including door replacements with metal door frames as needed, upgrades to shatter-resistant glass, corridor entryway enhancements and the continued implementation of our Nightlock system. All “open concept” schools will be addressed to provide classroom areas with walls and doors for another level of security for students and staff.

    Also, with the widespread support of the bond issue, phase one projects will include visible improvements important to many school communities. These include beginning the parking lot improvements and playground enhancements at select sites. During the second summer of the improvements, improvements will be made to athletic facilities to improve safety and foster school pride.

    Where can I see information on the scheduled improvements?

    Bond project sheets for each school have been updated to reflect the summer and fall, 2024 projects. These sheets can be found on our website at this link.  

    For questions, please contact us directly: questions@uticak12.org.


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