2023 Graphic

    This time of year always brings reflections of news from the past year. And while we have had an exceptional year – especially when you consider the challenges we were facing this time last year – I’d like write about the new year.  

    Here are just a few headlines that you can expect when we get back in 2023: 

    • Continued Focus on Academic Excellence – Academics and student achievement remain the centerpiece of our continuous improvement efforts. Across the board, we are working to strengthen our programs to ensure we are engaging our students to ignite their passion for learning.                                    
      A few highlights include the continued emphasis on foundational literacy and development, Career and Technical Education – particularly in relation to health and human services – mental health and wellness and creating summer opportunities targeted to students in need of additional support.  
    • Strategic Plan – The next few months will take us from planning to actions.                                                                          
      In August, our Board of Education adopted a new vision and mission that sets a clear course on our direction. The plan will promote a culture that empowers our students, supports innovation and fosters engagement in a caring environment.   
    • Facility Improvements/Non-Homestead – Utica Community Schools embeds excellence in everything we do. This includes the tools we give our teachers and the environment where our students learn every day.                                                            Thanks to the input we are receiving from you and other community members through our survey regarding potential bond and non-homestead proposals, we will be able to finalize a plan that would enhance safety and success in our classrooms.
      The state mandated non-homestead currently represents more than $36 million in annual funding for UCS. Its authorization would provide much needed financial stability and resources for our schools.                    
      We will move this strategic action quickly. The timeline is ambitious, but we will not wait when it comes to the needs of our students and their safety. 

    In closing, while this memo focused on next year, I would like to offer my appreciation for the work and energy that made 2022 such a success. Every day I see the passion and commitment of the people that make up Utica Community Schools. This is an amazing community. 
    Best wishes for a peaceful and happy new year.  


    Robert S. Monroe
    Superintendent of Schools