Today is World Mental Health Day, an opportunity for international recognition and awareness of mental health and to mobilize resources in efforts to support this critical need.

    It also seems an appropriate time to share a new partnership we have in our district to provide another layer of care to staff, students and families.

    Utica Community Schools is partnering with Care Solace to make their services available to our entire school community at no cost.

    The national organization navigates the mental health care system to find available providers matched to specific needs.

    Our community can access the system in two ways:

    • Call (888) 515-0595 at any time. Support is available in more than 200 languages to guide callers through every step of resource options, secure an appointment and follow up to make sure the resource is working.
    • Visit caresolace.com/utica to answer a series of questions that will provide you with an extensive list of care providers.

    This is an optional service being provided to our families and staff. The services that will be referred to you accept all forms of medical insurance or provide sliding fee options for those without insurance. Any information shared with Care Solace remains confidential.

    The partnership with Care Solace is another tool we are using to support the mental wellness of our school community. Through a Culture of Caring, our district has created an extensive network of services and preventative wellness tools to create a sense of belonging and foster engagement of our school family in a safe and respectful community.

    Several years ago, we had a high school committee that was created to support student mental health during the pandemic. One of its founding principles is a term used often: “It is OK not to be OK.” This admission is the first step in seeking help to keep you focused on your future.

    It is also why we feel it is critically important – at a time when the world is focused on mental health – to introduce this free service to our entire school community.

    Robert S. Monroe

    Superintendent of Schools