• Overview of Plan
    UCS implemented a multi-layered approach to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 using guidance consistent with the recommendations of the CDC to maintain in-person learning. Input from the public about using ESSERIII funds to purchase protective equipment indicated that this should be a medium to high priority for the district.

    UCS has purchased and will maintain a supply of personal protective equipment that will be accessible at each site including, masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes. The district recommends masks be worn by students and adults while indoors. UCS has purchased and will maintain a supply of KN95 masks for distribution to students and staff who do not have one. The district has purchased and installed plexiglass dividers for instructional personnel and in offices.

    To support distancing, UCS has hired additional teachers to increase the number of classes and reduce average class size, resulting in greater distance between students within classrooms. Further, UCS has purchased and will maintain a computer for each student and teacher to support continuity of learning while in-person and when necessary for students to move into remote learning. The HVAC system at each site has been upgraded to include a bipolar ionization system and the use of MERV 11 filters. UCS is committed to supporting the health and safety of all students, staff, and families and is grateful to be receiving ESSER III funds to continue this important work.

    Plan to address learning loss
    To address lost instructional time, before/after school evidence-based tutoring programs will be offered at elementary and secondary levels. The district will provide 6-weeks of summer programs with in-person and online options. Highly qualified teachers, paraprofessionals and substitutes will use evidenced-based strategies and interventions to target student learning needs. Student assessments and benchmark data will be used to plan for instruction and accelerate students learning. School social workers, speech pathologists, and health aids will provide services to students with IEPs. Instruction will focus on reading and math. Read 180 and Math 180 will be used in grades 6-11. Credit recovery will be offered for students in grades 9-12 using district approved curriculum, Odysseyware, Michigan Virtual and EdReady. STEM enrichment programs will be
    offered in person and credit forward will be offered in-person and online. Students will also have options for SAT Prep and Testing Out to earn high school credit. Funds will be used for supplies and materials, software licenses, professional development for staff and building administrators and clerical to support buildings .

    Remaining ESSER Funds

    The district will continue to purchase resources, that were identified at the beginning of the pandemic, to aide families in participating virtually while enhancing in-person learning to ensure a similar educational experience for all students. Maintaining current staff is key in supporting virtual learning for families who choose that option
    while also implementing numerous COVID prevention strategies for students participating in-person. The district will purchase technology, hot spots and software to continue the 1:1 initiative which allows access to updated curriculum, research-based programs/interventions and advanced coursework options. The ClassLink LaunchPad will be used to provide e ual opportunities for students and families to access online curriculumand technology tools for instruction. The district will continue using PowerSchool Key Data  Systems and NWEA for progress monitoring and to inform the continuous improvement process.

    Social and Emotional Needs of Students
    Acknowledging the pandemic impacted families disproportionately in numerous ways; a partnership with CARES of Southeast Michigan will provide services to educate, prevent and address a variety of mental health concerns for those most in need. Guidance Counselors to further support the social emotional and academic needs of students impacted the most by COVID 19. The district will hire additional School Social Workers to support a comprehensive mental health system of support for families. These positions will support the district’s social emotional learning goal in the continuous improvement process. The district will continue to purchase Imagine Learning for our English Learner program to provide supplemental instruction and monitoring student progress towards goals.

    Note - Related Links regarding Return to Learn updates and financial audit are posted on the UCS Website's Transparency Page