• Daily Living Skills

    Students increase their independence by practicing daily living skills in and outside the classroom.

    Functional Math: Students practice budgeting, shopping, cooking and measuring, reading a clock, understanding elapsed time and time management.

    Functional Reading: Students fill out job applications. They also practice reading menus, food labels, instructions, schedules, and calendars. Students are also exposed to novels related to pop culture.

    Elective: Students participate in elective activities in computer literacy, social skills, nutrition, geography, science and art. The UNIQUE curriculum and News 2 You are also utilized to teach life skills and current events.

    Community Outings: Students learn about recreational activities, shopping, and eating out.

    Communication: Students practice socializing with staff and peers, people in the community, and their employers. They also learn about self-advocacy, decision making, and problem solving during weekly Social Emotional Learning TEAMS meetings.