• Community Based Instruction

    Students explore the local community.

    Recreation: Students take walks at local parks and malls, go bowling, and visit places like the Sterling Heights Recreation Center and library. Students are encouraged to participate in local community events or organized sports offered by the City of Sterling Heights or Shelby Twp.

    Shopping: Students "shop" at many different stores in the community.  They grocery shop for lunch ingredients or food for social events.  Students do brand and cost comparisons, practice budgeting or make price estimates.

    Restaurants: Students learn to understand menu options, practice ordering, paying, and calculating tax/tip. Students also practice social skills in a real restaurant setting. 

    Socialization: Students practice interacting with peers, establishment employees, and others while in the community.

    Community Service: Many students participate in Aktion Club (part of Kiwanis) or volunteer at the Humane Society or Heritage Church Food Pantry.